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Ok, so I follow the trends. Everyone's been posting pictures of themselves lately, so I decided that I would post a few of my own, remind you guys what I look can I say? I deny it, but I'm totally a

Straight hair.

Curly hair.

Favorite shirt.

Curly hair/Addiction=Starbucks

Fuck the scene "looking from up above angle" shot.

Me getting glammed up for a rave. And then my best friend and I before we left for the rave.Please note we were going to a rave, thus why I horribly don't match.

And lastly, me right now.
umm..yeah. me=dork. Sorry, I'm just tired and bored.

Ok, so anyways, all camwhoring aside, since this is 'lethalintellect', I have a discussion topic.
I've made the decision to never have kids for my entire life. Never. I have my reasons, if you'd like to me explain, I will, but I have a pretty lengthy explanation, so if you don't need it, then I'd rather save your friends page space and not type it all out. Now, thanks to LiveJournal, and the community such as childfree, I've discovered that there are many others out there that don't feel the need to have children either. But, for every ten of us, there are thousands of people who think that this decision is just selfish and stupid, that we're put on the Earth to have offspring. I was wondering, what do you guys think? I'm actually going to the length where as soon as I'm old enough, which I heard was about 21-25 years old, I'm going to get whatever surgery I can get to make sure I never have children, whether that is getting "my tubes tied" or a partial hysterectomy even. Now, for an example of the opposing viewpoint, my stepmother, when she heard that I had made this decision, responded back with "But children are a gift from the Lord!!!" and "Oh, but when you meet the *RIGHT MAN* you'll change your mind and want to have his children" and "Oh don't be silly, I used to say that when I was your age, but then I of course changed my mind. You're just afraid of the pain" (note: she gave birth to three of her own children, and had one of me as a stepdaughter.) In response to her opinions, first off, I don't believe in the "Lord" as she does. Second off, if us kids are such a "blessing" then why does she always complain about having kids? Third, the "right guy" for me will not want to have kids either. And lastly, as I said above, I have many reasons for why I don't want any kids, and yes, the pain is one of my reasons, but thats not my only reason, and suddenly turning 20 or something isn't going to trigger a change in my thought. Oh yeah, she also went so far as to say that "I don't believe females are really WOMEN until they have children." That, makes me want to puke. Anyways, I was just thinking maybe we could have a nice, intellectual discussion on what you guys think about the decision to not have children. :D Rachel. oh also, please note that this isn't me saying "I'm wishy-washy, dissuade my decision!!" this is just me starting up some conversation.
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