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I know it's late, but here are some halloween pictures!

I'll explain under the
these were before the SAK party that we all went to! wee, I don't have any from at the party because we were afraid our cameras would get lost, but a chick took a picture of me and nicole that was really cute, despite our drunkness, and I don't know her so I probably won't ever get it.
Here's me, pre party, sorta tipsy
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The lovely Raven!
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Me and Raven in the hallway.. heh
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Me and Lorena
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Raven, Lorena, and me.. hehehe
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Hahahaha, Courtney and Jason! I hadn't seen Jason since like third grade, it was rather crazy! Courtney definitely was the craziest costume I saw all night. She stuffed pillows in her pants. and her hat says "alcohol changed my life"
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Nicole, awwh she's such a pretty fairy
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Okay.. in order, Lorena, Nicole, Raven, me, and Racquel. we were in Bertha's room and all goofin around. =)
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and the last picture, on actual halloween day I wore my devil horns all day and in the radio station I got caught by the webcam, air guitaring to "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult..
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that's a lotta pictures! Hope you enjooooyed them =)
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